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Westgate | About Us
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Who are we?

Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy

Non Executive Chairman

With more than 20 years of vivid experience in management consultancy, WestGate specializes and focuses on the development of organizations’ culture via blended management solutions. Our team of professionals managed to carry out a wide range of management and development solutions for a broad variety of the region’s largest and most esteemed institutions. WestGate positions itself among its rivals and peers as the place to go for organization development and sustainable growth. That goes to the integrity, exclusivity and quality of our services.

WestGate is committed to ensure full pledged and integrated solutions on the management, technology and research fronts through its partnerships with major contributors in the fields of MIS and research. This has allowed WestGate to widen its scope of work and thus, to extend its research based services such as competition analysis, market analysis, and products and market surveys.


"We at WestGate visualize ourselves to be at par with the top edge consultancy firms in the world. We combine international expertise with local flavors to suit the market we are working in".


“WestGate is committed to provide all possible new, fresh, and relevant ideas throughout an integrated, and evolving set of management solutions. We create long lasting partnerships with our clients to exceed their expectations, and to proudly participate in their growth".


“The Right Door to Success”


WestGate offers high qualitative and quantitative management solutions. As a distinguished team we offer the latest international management experiences with a local flavor that can suit and accommodate our customers’ needs. WestGate team capitalizes on the exposure earned over years in servicing our business partners locally and internationally. In addition to our skills and capabilities in the management domains, we have a wide range of international ties with other consultancy houses in various disciplines that are willing to support our mission. WestGate believes in providing the best possible advice on all management fronts, and in adding value to all who come across working with us.