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Westgate | Learning & Development
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We have designed and delivered 2500+ sessions for our partners.

In addition to the general soft-skills programs, WestGate has designed a set of programs aiming at providing participants with the latest trends of the global economy, and the Egyptian economy. Our programs contain selected and adapted content, practical exercises, group discussions, and case studies. Some of our exclusive programs include:


Economy In A Box

Economy In A Box relates macro-economic changes to what is occurring on the ground in addition to the implications those changes might have on the banking industry. The program illustrates and analyzes the topography of the Egyptian economy, its current status quo, trends, and challenges. It shows how to work around those challenges and grasp the possible opportunities for a reliable and sustainable development. Areas covered include fiscal policies, monetary policies, investment policies, and industrial policies


Economy In Action

This program aims at strengthening the participants’ knowledge gained from the Economy In A Box program. Economy In Action deepens this knowledge through case studies, economic business articles, discussions, business models, in addition to role playing allowing participants to put their knowledge earned into practice.


EgyGov Program 2018-20 “Yes We Can”

A distinguished program that presents and discusses the Egyptian Government’s plan with its seven-step vision for developing the economy and improving public services through 2020. The program also highlights and discusses the underlying challenges, and the 7 fronts of focus on how to surpass the aforementioned challenges. It aims at raising the awareness and understanding of the planning process, the strategic decision making of the country, and the current vision and direction.


Egypt’s Vision 2030

A distinguished program that presents and discusses the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS): Egypt Vision 2030. The strategy represents the way towards inclusive development through which cultivating prosperity, achieving economic and social justice, and reviving the role of Egypt in regional leadership can be realized. SDS represents a road map for maximizing competitive advantage to achieve the dreams and aspirations of the Egyptians in a dignified and decent life.


Economics of Mega Projects

This program aims at providing participants with the knowledge related to the mega projects currently being developed in Egypt. It highlights how those projects are designed, managed, financed, and controlled.  The program will shed the light on the 5 largest projects in Egypt and what kind of structured finance is required to leverage their performance. Discussions include the importance of this kind of projects, their feasibility, if they are considered priorities and their value and/or non-value added.