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Westgate | Services
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Management Solutions.

— I. Restructuring, Organization Rehabilitation & Development

Our organization development arm aims at improving organization effectiveness and efficiency, through applying the following business treatments:

Strategy Formulation / Business Plan Formation / Organizational Structuring & Restructuring / Diagnostic Studies / Case Study Formation / Organizational Change Management / Developing Job Descriptions & Job Specifications / Conducting Salary Surveys / Build-up a proper Compensation & Benefits Schemes / Job Evaluation / Structure Performance Appraisal Systems / Establishing Career Path Schemes / Succession Planning.

— II. Management & Technical Assessment

WestGate Assessment Center aims at applying the latest and most effective assessment techniques.  The Assessment Center measures employees’ skills and capabilities over an inventory of specific skills and competencies to help organizations identify and understand human performance and potential. This allows to develop and execute an effective talent strategy by introducing & applying the following techniques:

Succession Planning / Career Path Establishment / Skills Gap Analysis / Identifying Development Needs & Planning Solutions / Pinpointing Suitable Moves / Diagnosing Performance Problems / Re-organization / Assessing Receptivity to Organizational Changes / Coaching programs / Selection or Promotion to Different Roles.

Intellectual Capital Development.

— I. Training & Development

WestGate is keen on identifying the most suitable development and training solutions that match major competencies of the potential and promising candidates. Our programs are tailored to meet organizations’ specific training & development needs. Our Training & Development services include the following activities:

I.I. Executive Training & Development

WestGate recognizes that successful business leaders, know that the learning curve has no plateau. Our Executive Training & Development Programs help executives in their tremendous challenges by providing the latest insights and best practices from some of the top minds in business today.

I.II. Tailored Training Programs

WestGate tailored programs teach different skills that boost employees’ effectiveness in their daily jobs. Our programs are taught by us and our external specialized consultants who work with us on project basis.

I.III. WestGate Retreats Agenda

Our exclusive set of retreats are one of their kind in the region, since we work closely with our international business partners. Together, we were able to develop a set of fresh solutions that match the ever changing needs of organizations.

I.IV. Development Schemes

Training Needs Analysis / Training Needs Assessment / Trainees’ Assessment / Trainers Evaluation / Training Plans Development / Measuring ROI.

— II. Organization Sizing & Executive Head Hunting

WestGate Consultants Workforce Planning, Search & Selection arm enhances the quality of the recruitment, and reduces the client’s resources invested in this process. This increases the chance of achieving a relatively long and satisfactory employment relationship. We provide the following services:

Workforce Planning / Candidates Interviewing and Profiling / Candidates Screening and Testing / Brief new hires on their job authorities and responsibilities / Shortlisting candidates for job vacancies / Advise our clients on market compensation and benefits scheme.

Research Solutions.

WestGate offers a wide range of research solutions including:

Competition Analysis / Market & Industry Research / Product Surveys / Customers Surveys / Employees Surveys.

Enterprise Solutions.

Through our partner’s vivid experience in technology, WestGate offers the following enterprise solutions:

Processes Automation / Data Warehousing / Electronic Archiving / Core Systems and Applications / Electronic Reports.