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Services - Intellectual Capital Development

1- Training & Development

WestGate Consultants is keen on identifying the most suitable development and training solutions that match the major competencies of the potential and promising candidates of the organizations, our programs are specially tailored to meet organizations' specific training & development needs that is pitched at the right level for existing and future needs, and is set entirely within the organizations' working context, our Training & Development services includes the following activities:

1.1.Executive Training & Development

WestGate recognizes that successful business leaders, who have a track record of sustaining success, know that the learning curve never ends — there is no plateau. Our Executive Training & Development Programs help executives in their tremendous challenges with the latest insights and best practices from some of the top minds in business today.

1.2.Tailored Training Programs

WestGate intensive, hands-on, exercises driven tailored programs teach skills that boost employees’ effectiveness and understanding and implementation of the skills earned into their daily jobs.

1.3.WestGate Retreats Agenda

Our exclusive set of retreats are one of their kind in the region, since we work closely with our international business partners we were able together to develop a set of fresh solutions that match the ever changing needs of organizations.

1.4.Development Schemes

  • Training Needs Analysis.
  • Training Needs Assessment.
  • Trainees’ Assessment.
  • Trainers Evaluation.
  • Training Plans Development.
  • Measuring ROI.

2- Organization Sizing & Executive Head Hunting

WestGate Consultants Workforce Planning, Search & Selection arm is planned to enhance the quality of the selection, reduce our customers’ time and efforts invested in the process and improve their success in achieving a relatively long and satisfactory employment relationship, through introducing the following intellectual services:

  • Workforce Planning.
  • Candidates Iterviewing and Profiling.
  • Candidates Screening and Testing.
  • Brief new hires on their job authorities and responsibilities.
  • Shortlisting candidates for job vacancies.
  • Advise our clients on market compensation and benefits scheme.