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Services - Management Solutions

1- Restructring, Organization Rehabilitation & Development

Our organization Development arm aims at first place at improving organization effectiveness and efficiency, through applying the following business treatments:

  • Strategies Formulation.
  • Business Plan Formation.
  • Organizational Structuring.
  • Organizational Restructuring.
  • Diagnostic Studies.
  • Case Study Formation.
  • Organizational Change Management.
  • Developing Job Descriptions & Job Specifications.
  • Conducting Salary Surveys.
  • Build-up a proper Compensation & Benefits Schemes.
  • Job Evaluation.
  • Structure Performance Appraisal Systems.
  • Establishing Career Path Schemes.
  • Succession Planning.

2- Management & Technical Assessment

WGC Assessment Center aims at applying the latest and most effective assessment techniques, through our group of professionals with expertise in all domains, measuring employees' skills and capabilities over an inventory of specific skills and competencies to help organizations identify and understand human performance and potentials, develop and execute an effective talent strategy, for the purpose of:

  • Succession Planning.
  • Career Path Establishment.
  • Skills Gap Analysis.
  • Identifying Development Needs and planning to meet them.
  • Pinpointing suitable moves.
  • Diagnosing reasons for performance problems.
  • Re-organization.
  • Assessing receptivity to organizational changes.
  • Launching coaching programs to improve performance.
  • Selection or Promotion to different roles.

This is achieved by introducing and applying the following techniques:

  • Structured Questionnaires.
  • Tracking Reports & Individual Analysis.
  • Group Interviews.
  • One-To- One Interview Sessions.
  • Role Plays.
  • Exercises.
  • Live Cases.

3- Re-engineering

Our re-engineering efforts help organizations to have systematic procedures and workflow that enhances effectiveness, through:

  • Processes Design & Redesign.
  • Processes Mapping.
  • Workflow Charts.
  • Manuals and Procedures.